The senior pastor of Neighborhood Church is the Kirk van der Swaagh.

Kirk and his wife, Barbara live in Greenwich Village, just a few minutes walk from our church building.

Both Kirk and Barbara received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Temple University in the discipline of acting. In 1979, they moved to New York City to pursue careers in the theater. Though their professional lives were progressing nicely, the Lord revealed his greater purposes. In the providence of God, Kirk assumed the pastorate of Neighborhood Church in 1987.

Beginning in 1989, Kirk attended New Brunswick Theological Seminary, receiving the Master of Divinity. He graduated with highest honors (Summa Cum Laude) and was subsequently invited into the Theta Alpha Kappa Society, the National Honor Society for Religious Studies and Theology.

Pastor van der Swaagh's ordination is through the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference. He is currently the denomination's representative to the National Pro-life Religious Council and a member of the Reformed Congregational Fellowship (see related websites on our Links page).

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